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hello -
how do i make discussion to be sent to my gmail inbox? anyone?


Re: test

On Sun, 10 Oct 2010 17:36:37 -0700 (PDT), lino pardo

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How?  Find a personal friend to discuss things with you.

Or enrol in mailing list. Although mailing lists are good for very
specific topics like a particular make and model of car, for which
there exists no newsgroup, they are not as good as newsgroups for
broader topics, and there are many mailing lists with so few memebers
that getting an answer to a technical question is not so easy.  (And
weblists are the worst.)

The purpose of newsgroups is to have public discussions, that can be
participated in by anyone who wants to and read by even more people.

Sometimes a lot of work goes into writing replies, nad it always to
take time, time people aren't inclined to spend on just one person
when they can post here and make it available to everyone, for their
benefit as well as their corrections and additions.

If you managed to post here, you should be able to read what others
post here.

If you posted via google.groups, there's another way that's much
easier and better and if you want to know about that, post back and
someone will tell you.   But it is possible to read newsgroups on
google groups.

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Re: test

| hello -
| how do i make discussion to be sent to my gmail inbox? anyone?

You don't.  Although you are using the Google Crap front-end to usenet, these
are Usenet
News Groups (which pre-date Google).

Discussions on a particular news group for a chosen subject matter (and you
alt.comp.ant-virus ) are made within the chosen news group.

New, Multi-AV v7.03
Multi-AV Scanning Tool - http://www.pctipp.ch/downloads/dl/35905.asp

Re: test

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You can't (that I'm aware of). You can however use the notification
feature of some web based gateways to Usenet to get an e-mail
notification of when someone replies to your Usenet post.

The *best* way IMO is to subscribe to the a group by using an NNTP
client (newsreader) program.

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