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Re: Tabbed browser

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parodied Dimbulb and wrote in post:
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Hilarious! Fucking hilarious! Especially the line about the
ark. :-D

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Re: Tabbed browser

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yep,; but he and you and most here still don't even know how many of each
animals were on the ark so you make jokes about what you don't know
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Re: Tabbed browser

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 12:34:15 -0400, Sugien wrote:

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You are a fucking THIEF!

The program you pointed to in the URL that you somehow happened to
misspell belongs to DarkNet. It's a version from about 2002 if memory

You are despicable. A true shitstain on the toilet bowl of the internet.
If the original authors were locatable I'd notify them. As it is, I've
mailed a notice off to Oliver Pevec notifying him that you're claiming
that file as your own work.

Have a real nice day, asshole.

Re: Tabbed browser

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This is the absolute funnies thing I have ever seen, But what the hell, hey
butt wipe when you get an answer from him, if you actually sent him an
email, why don't you post it here?  I but you won't; because unless there
are two people with the same name; both living in Germany then the person to
whom you refer is or I should say soon to be *my* Ex-Son-In-Law, so you
better back up and re-group and try and figure out to whom you are acutely
talking to instead of taking the word of those here, that I play mind games
     I first created *my* tabbed web browser way back in VB4 days right
after M$ released the ability to use ActiveX programs in the programs
created with VB (although the tabbed browser doesn't use active control I
gave that reference just to show the time line).  Several people have
created tabbed browsers ALL layered upon the Microsoft Browser control that
comes with VB.  A Tabbed browser is NOT repeat NOT copyrightable; because it
is PART of the IDE of VB, and if you knew anything about programming ;you
would know that, so bite me liar.
     Also *my* tabbed browser is one that automatically searches search
engines and puts them each into a tab *automatically* so unless the so
called DarkNet does that, then you are just spitting in the wind and guess
where you spit is going to land?  That is right , right back in YOUR FACE.

So bugger of , WannaBe, and a wanna be anything, at that; because you are
just a speck of fly shit on the windshield of the internet about to be wiped
off by a built in internet  windshield washer.

  From the Desk of Sugien
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