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Has anyone ever heard of "System Live Protect" ?  On my kid's system, this
red-shield (with an x in the centre, in the system tray) wants to download
System Live Protect to "update my security software".  Would this be
something they would have inadvertently downloaded ?  If so, any idea how I
can get rid of it? Is this "System Live Protect" something bad or what?  A
simple search on the Net brought up nothing..  Using WinXP and a 3rd party
security suite (from the local INet service provider).

Re: System Life Protect

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Hi Nom...

 I did a little poking around on the internet.  System Live Protect 5.9 is
available for download at a lot of Cracks and Warez sites.  Strange though -
I can't find a product discription for it anyware online, or what it is
allegedly supposed to do.   Don't let it update anything until someone here
can find out what it does.

Re: System Life Protect

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My Daughter just got the same thing on her laptop. It got installed
after she clicked a link in an MSN message.
It is reporting false virus warnings and is impossible to remove. I
hope I can find a fix. It is causing all kinds of problems. Can't open
IE now either.

Re: System Life Protect

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Exactly the same problem on  my computer. The software (System Protect
Live) has a ligit looking website and the main program can be
uninstalled using the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool. The taskbar
pop-up on the other hand is very persistant and I have not yet been
able to remove it. It would surprise me if this is a real product
because of the lack of complete uninstall tools and the aggressive way
it attaches to your system.

If anyone can provide a method to remove the icon/popup progran from
the taskbar it would be very helpful.


Re: System Life Protect wrote:
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I thought as much yesterday when I attempted to look at the glowing
"reviews" they supposedly got.  Perhaps the thing to do would be to go to (you'll have to sign up - but its free) Make a post to
get assistance with finishing removal there in the Hijackthis Logs and
Analysis forum.   Actually, any of the Malware removal forums online would
be a good bet.

Re: System Life Protect


The software itself was junk. It reports that my wininit.exe was
infected and offered to fix it, however, when you click on "Fix", you
get a blue screen of death immediately.

It took me almost the whole day to find out how to remove the tray
icon, which pops up every 5 minutes to say that my system is infected.

1. Boot into save mode with command prompt.
2. go to Windows\System32 directory and rename the following two files
(I'm not sure which one was the right one, but rename both stopped the
tray icon from popping up


3. Also delete SetupLiveProtect*.exe from Windows\System32 (which is
the main setup program downloaded and re-installed whenever you click
on "Yes" to the update dialog box"

This should fix it


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