System Files Infected

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Sorry if this is posted twice - the first time, I cross posted and it
didn't show up on my laptop.  This is the second time - withoutout

While uninstalling Comodo (an app from Cnet) , my system stalled.  Had to
shut down using the On/Off button.  After trying to reboot, I found I was
infected and my system tried to fix the problems - but couldn't.  I use
ERUNT and have a Raid 1 backup system.  I was able to get into a prompt
mode and used ERUNT to get my system going.  I used my backup to restore
everything back to a time when I didn't have Comodo installed.  The
system booted.  Then, I used Avira Free Version but it found five
unsigned system files.  I tried System File Recovery - but I have an HP
Pavilion laptop which does not have an original Vista disk.  It only has
a partition which is supposed to restore the system back to it's store
bought condition.  I don't want to do this and believe if I had the I386
folder, I could used System File Checker to replace these unsigned files.
NOTE:  I also ran my backup on the partition that is used for Restore
(and it found files that (I don't think) should have been there.  In any
case, the backup corrected that partition since I only ran two backups of
it since I've owned the laptop.  Bottom line:  I need a way to fix those
five unsigned system files.  Please help.......

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