Symantec corporate8.01, anyone seen this?

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Our Work Symantec  server seemed to run very slowly and is reporting the
sober.0 virus in files in the root directory of the c; drive,  by the
hundreds. It started late thursday but we had seen this oddball action  for
a few weeks but only one or two files. Yet there is no file but the name
reported int he root directory at all. is Symantec giving a false positive?
Tried a repair install  and it seemed ok for a short period then it started
reporting the sober.o again. Again no files visible in the root directory
that could be reltated. Weird.

Loaded the latest update manually, but our email server acted as dos and
refused access to the AMS system due to it trying to send too many virus

Searched Symantec latest viri and checked the pc, by running removal tools
and also exploring he registry for sober.o signs. Still nothing.

2 ps's in the network have been shutdown as they appear to be infected with
something that is making connections to the internet by the hundreds (as
reported but our firewall.  so now they are off the network and we are
running on a backup email server.

Anyone had this sort of problem? My next step is to remove and reinstall
Symantec server and client protections..

Any other clues?



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