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Last year we upgraded to Symantec AntiVirus Corporate edition version
10.0 from version 8.x. We noticed some immedaite performance issues on
the client machines when sending/receiving email from our pop3 email
provider. There was also some communications problems between the
Control Center and the clients. Though we never really overcame these
problems, we learned to deal/work-around them.

Version 10.1 was recently released and being security conscious I
decided to go ahead with the rollout in hopes of solving some of these
problems and keeping my network secure.

The performance of the Outlook Email scanner has gotten worse. When
receiving large attachments it almost appears as though our internet
connection has failed...emails are downloaded at 10bytes/second. If
left long enough the speed will eventually increase and the emails will
be received, but most of my users get fed up and close/restart Outlook.
This seems to make things even worse.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour and have you found a way to
solve the problem. I am in the process of contacting Symantec Tech
support but I would like to hear you.

Windows Server 2003 - up-to-date
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate 10.1

Windows XP/2000
MS Outlook XP/2003
Symantec Client Security 10.1

Thank you,
Greg Smith
Network Admin

Re: Symantec AntiVirus Corp 10.x wrote:
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It sounds more like network issues on your end, or some sort of
configuration issue.  We recently upgraded, first from NAV Corp. 9.x to SAV
10.x, then to 10.1.

We actually no difference from 9 to 10, and a slight improvement from 10 to
10.1.  Our network is a mix of Win2K boxes and a handful of XP ones.  Most
of our users use Outlook Express (hey, we're still using Office 97 and I
don't have the time to teach the folks I work with about Outlook....yet.)
and I personally use Outlook 2007 (2003 up until a month ago).  We rely on
e-mail quite a bit.  We're a bank and rely on e-mail for appraisals, sending
and receiving documents, draw inspections, appraisals, etc.  No issues
whatsoever.  Our two branches have different ISP's, one is Comcast (6MB
connection) and the other is Verizon (1.5MB connection) and neither suffers
from SAV.

Hurricane Andrew
Milford, DE

Re: Symantec AntiVirus Corp 10.x


Any chance you could email me a screen shot of your Auto-Protect
settings. I know we originally had problems when the "Network Drive"
scan was enabled on the clients...we ended up with a lot of redundant

The client config looks OK, but maybe we have something set funny
that's causing the exceptionally long scan times.


Hurricane Andrew wrote:
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