Sweden Intercepts 80% of Russian Internet Traffic

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Sweden Intercepts 80% of Russian Internet Traffic

Swedish security services intercept 80 percent of Russian internet traffic
and share the gathered information with the United States, WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange has said in an interview with Britain's New
Internationalist magazine.

"The Forsvarets Radioanstalt, which is the big spy agency in Sweden,
intercepts 80 per cent of Russian internet traffic and they sell it on to
the national security agency in the US," Assange told the magazine.

"There's no longer a need to select who you intercept you intercept
everyone and you permanently record the whole thing, and then if sometime
in the future you become interested in someone, you have the whole archive
of all their communications and you understand who they are and who their
friends are," he said. "It's a kind of coming totalitarian surveillance



Re: Sweden Intercepts 80% of Russian Internet Traffic

BearPair, you also fuck people over, like Pooh the OVERCAT .  So what
are you complaining for?  Maybe you are a hypocritical demagogue?

Re: Sweden Intercepts 80% of Russian Internet Traffic

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As rightly it should.  I'm shocked to the core, as any decent abiding
persons well can imagine.  There's obviously little now to limit how
low the liberated Bear will stoop to wallow in their newfound moral
depravity. Were it not for such upstanding interest groups, whose
valor is truly a salutatory measure of risks they'll face, even at
odds in the front of national debt insolvency, when commanding
appropriations of this very fine nature.  I strongly suggest we stand
tall as a glorious wave of our unity, gathering together at our
nearest designated local National Newspeak terminal, for our greater
edification to raise our voices once more on high, and break out
supportively in heartfelt song.


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