Strange Windows/Norton Error Message

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I just started getting a strange icon with balloon tip in the icon tray at
startup.  It could have something to do with teatimer in spybot (which I
just enabled yesterday, and dumped spysweeper), but I don't see why.  I am
using xpsp2 with NAV 2004.

After Windows gets done loading, there is a brief icon (with associated
balloon tip) that shows up in the icon tray (lower right) for about 10
seconds, and then it disappears.  It says something about my computer may be
at risk because my antivirus program is not enabled (but it really is).
After the icon and balloon tip disappear, then the normal Norton icon shows
up, and it says auto protect is enabled (like always), and everything is

I have rebooted several times and it will not stop.  When I first enabled
teatimer it didn't do it, but it started doing it just today after I
shutdown and rebooted.  Any idea what is going on and how to fix it.


Re: Strange Windows/Norton Error Message

Pete wrote:
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Hi guys...addtitional info for you.  I restored a deleted item that spybot
found yesterday (it was about a vurus disable notification in the registry).
That didn't help.  I reran spybot and it was clean (and did not pick up the
notification this time).  That didn't help.  I disabled teatimer at startup,
and that didn't help.

So, I believe I need to change the registry switch for the disable
notification regarding antivirus programs (the one that spybot found
yesterday that I restored - but It still doesn't work right).  Can someone
please tell me where the switch is in the registry - I haven't a clue :-) .


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