strange error message on opening page

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 upon opeing this page [munged] /

I get this message:

Encyclocentral: You have been blocked

You have been blocked from entering this site.

You are using a possible Harvester on this site.

All of the following information has been gathered to assist the webmaster
should this need to be reported to local or federal law enforcement.

If you think this is a mistake you can contact the site webmaster at

Be SURE to include the following information in any email!
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; Deepnet
Explorer 1.5.3; Smart 2x2; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; FDM)
Remote Address:
Client IP: none
Forwarded For: none
Date Blocked: 2008-10-05 @ 15:08:31 UTC GMT +0000
Block expires: Unknown

PLEASE: bear in mind that even if you have done nothing wrong, you may be
getting page due to someone's misuse of the site in your ip range

NukeSentinel(tm) 2.5.16 by:


Re: strange error message on opening page

Tommy McClure wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Someone with that IP address was abusing the site.  Or that IP address
(now yours) was included in a range of them that are getting blocked
from that site due to detected abuse.  Perhaps some web crawler refused
to honor their robots.txt file that specifies that such tools are not
allowed to crawl across a web site.  Depends on what "Harvester" meant
in the error page.  

The vast majority of users are assigned dynamic IP addresses.  When they
expire after their lease period (1 to 3 days typically), they are
eligible for reassignment.  You get to continue using your expired IP
address until you drop your network interface (disable the NIC, power it
down) after which you will negotiate for a new IP address.  Dial-up
users always get a new IP address.  Always-on users (cable, DSL)
typically get back their same IP address if it hasn't been too long
since they released their old one.  Could be your IP address expired,
you released it, and got assigned a new one that is different from your
old one and the new one was previously assigned to someone that was
abusing this site.  

You could try getting a new IP address (release, renew).  Or contact the
site and ask forgiveness for what you claim must've been someone else
doing harm under the dynamic IP address that you now have.  Or wait
until that site expires an entry in their abuse table that results in
blocking you since they should get rid of it since it was a dynamic IP
address.  Or don't bother with the site and go elsewhere for those newsy

Re: strange error message on opening page

Quoted text here. Click to load it

my ip is

so somebody at my isp hal-pc has a detectable harvester on their pc. The
block is : - .
not good. I was only using the site to get a picture of somebody with my
type of haircut to show to a new barber. ha ha ha

thanks for the info, vanguard!

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