Stand alone Virus scan?

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Stumbled across this information today... Is there another Linux live CD
virus scan offered by any of the major Anti_viral companies?

Quote: "Several family members refuse to give up their Windows machines. Of
course, infections happen, and happen often for the young ones playing
downloading, games and music.
Maybe it's speaking the unspeakable, but I routinely use Knoppix with the
Linux version of Antivir to clean their machines. Sorry to say, but Antivir
is much more thorough than Clamav on the bugs I have to kill.
Yes, using Antivir won't make Stallman happy, but then he doesn't have to
deal with these fouled up Windows machines." end quote

This is an interesting option, Are there other options to clean a windows
system without booting it, or when the system is so badly infected it will
not boot cleanly or let you add software.  

Moving the hard drive to a different system is another option?  but are
there other options I may have missed in the NG recently?

JR the postman

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