Spyware - blue screen of death problem

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Hello there ,

I have a a slight problem in that my Laptop is not even loading and
going straight to the blue screen of death .

Here's the details :

Message from windows saying I'd been infected with spyware.

Ran adaware - it found a trojan of some kind butwas unable to delete
the file.

Would not let me connect to the internet to update adaware files or

Restarted and it blue screened with the following message.


***STOP: 0X0000008E(0XC0000005,0X00000000,0XF818CC9C,0X00000000)
Also tried starting in safe mode but same happened

Also tried 'last known working configuration' it lasted a few seconds
then crashed.

Thanks in anticiaption for you time and help.


Thank you.

all about spyware site :

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