Spybot reports RegistryFix - why?

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Why is Spybot reporting RegistryFix.exe as a threat? I removed it, but
I would now like to learn more about it please. I gather it arises
from a free registry repairing utility I installed (on recommendation)
last week, called RegCure, but can't be sure.

BTW, am I mistaken, or does Spybot not offer the option of studying
*details* of its results? A single word 'RegistryFix.exe' doesn't tell
you much. In some other programs I recall being able to read details
of the entries.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

Re: Spybot reports RegistryFix - why?

terrypin@dial.pipex.com says...
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Unless it's changed in recent versons, you can click on any item it
reports to see exactly what file/registryentry/etc it thinks is bad.
I can't offhand recall if it tells you /why/ it thinks it's bad.
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Re: Spybot reports RegistryFix - why?

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Thanks, I'll look harder at end of next run.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

Re: Spybot reports RegistryFix - why?

On Mon, 07 Apr 2008 12:37:44 +0100 Terry Pinnell wrote:

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Run a scan.  When it completes, expand (click on the "+" sign) an item and
highlight the expansion.  Click on the bar with the two arrowheads at the
right side of the window.  A panel with a message will be revealed, for

Product: Windows.RedirectedHosts
Threat: Hijack

Hijackers often use the hosts file to redirect websites to other ipadresses,
commonly antivirus vendors get blocked by hijackers".

In my case this occurs because I have msn.com redirected to in my
hosts file, to block advertisements.  
Ernie B.

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