Sorry to re-post: Old Q about NIS

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OP here following on OT from the thread about NYB

I pretty much decided some time ago that the NYB was a false positive and
that any failure to read floppies was more likely to be good old Dell
misaligned floppy heads (though the report of DOS mode compatibility in My
Computer properties advanced was baffling, to say the least). But you were
right about hyperventilating until I realised this.

But now someone has given me a new sealed copy of Norton Internet Security
(2004) with a validation code on it and I am wondering if there is anything
on it
which could be of use to me. Does anyone have a view on this?  Or is it yet
another resource hog which, like their other programs, Symantec sell but
don't dare support ?

Do it's antispam features work (90% of all spam I receive gets sent through
to my deleted items folder by Outlook already)? Or do it's security and
pop-up blocking features do anything which Adaware or Spybot don't do?   I
think that at the moment I am using not one but TWO hardware firewalls, one
on my Buffalo WiFi router and one on the in-series Linksys router supplied
by my VOIP service.  Buffalo once told me that there is no conceivable need
for a software firewall if you have a hardware one. (But I seem to remember
the useful configurability of AtGuard which became part of NIS in the old
pre-XP days)

(I have also found that the Multi_AV program is extraordinarily useful)

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