Some questions about Kaspersky Anti-Virus

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     I am considering this AV after using Avast for the past few years.  My
PC is running Windows XP SP2, Pentium D processor at 3.0Ghz, 2GB of RAM, DSL
connection.  A few questions I'd like to ask.

1)  Once my subscription runs out, does Kaspersky automatically renew it, or
do you have to do it manually?  I'm hoping its the latter, because I feel a
company has no business charging you for something you didn't ask for.  I
know some AV companies do this, which is somewhat controversial.

2)  I frequently format my computer's hard drive.  Let's say I'm using
Kaspersky AV and want to reinstall it after a clean format.  Is it merely a
simple matter of running the setup file (which can be downloaded from the
Internet) and entering the product activation key to get it started again.
Or is there more to this?  This is how I did it with Avast.

Re: Some questions about Kaspersky Anti-Virus

On 29/04/2007 12:40 pm, History Fan wrote:

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Hi, firstly, Kaspersky - whether KAV or KIS - is a great choice.  You
will not regret it.  Not least because of the fantastic forum support
you get.

1. You have to renew manually.  You get a 30% discount on renewal after
the first year.

2. As far as I'm aware (from discussions in the Kaspersky forum) you
just run the setup and re-input your key, yes.  Also, you can save your
config. and anti-hacker (part of KIS, not KAV) settings and then restore
them to your new installation so that all your settings are reproduced.


Re: Some questions about Kaspersky Anti-Virus

History Fan wrote:
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In addition to Wilf's excellent comments,

1) You have to renew manually, and as Wilf points out, you should get a
30% discount. Wait until about a week before your current license
expires or you will lose too much time on your license. Unlike KPSS/KAV
5, the licenses are no longer additive.

2) You purchased a license, not a product. Make sure that you keep all
license key files and/or activation codes backed up (Floppy, CD, Flash
drive, etc.). See Don's sticky note for info about upgrading versions.

If you track this sticky note, you will get an email whenever a new
version is released. With KIS/KAV 7, there may be a /new version
available/ alert in the GUI.

The hotfixes are downloaded and installed automatically through the
signature updating. New MPs must be downloaded and installed manually.
(There is a good reason for this.) Download and save all KIS/KAV
installers to your HD. Once in a while, due to an unforeseen conflict,
some people have to revert to a previous version, and older versions are
not available on the KL servers.

I prefer to use my FTP client (anonymous user) for KL downloads. /

All kinds of neat stuff to steal including documentation, release notes,

Ron :)

Re: Some questions about Kaspersky Anti-Virus

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 07:40:47 -0400, History Fan wrote:

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I second what the others have said.  There are no surprises.  I'd be
interested to know which AV companies automatically renew your
subscription.  I've used KAV, Avast & NOD32, and none of them operated that
way.  I would think any reputable company would wait until you actually ask
for the product.  I would shy away from any company that pulled that trick.
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The easiest way I've found to do it is back up all my EXE (installation)
files on CD.  That way, after you reformat, you can just reinstall from the
CD.  Also, I also have all my licenses for my software in a Notepad
document on CD.  That way, you reinstall KAV from the CD, then also just
re-enter your license information in the program.  I have done that with
both NOD32 and KAV.  For me anyway, it's the simplest method.  Then all you
have to do is update the signatures online.  Piece of cake.

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