Software to queue up av/as apps to run on files, also queue of scanning?

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Is there anything out there to facilitate 2 things re anti-virus and
anti-spyware, etc., software:

1)  that will access as many security apps as we need via context

i.e., that we can assign to the context menu so that when invoked,
will run in sequence whatever anti-virus, etc., apps we wish to run on
that file?

So instead of having to click on "Scan with AVG", "Scan with
a-squared", etc., etc., manually that we can just click on "Scan for
viruses" and all the apps take a turn in sequence type thing?

2)  Same app or another, doesn't matter, that will line up of security
programs with which to scan our entire systems.  So at a certain
scheduled time it'll come up and perhaps just prompt one before doing
a system scan then will go through each app we assign overnight doing
an AVG av scan, then all the rest?

I had a bad abandonware freeware come out clean on my usu. 2 security
scans yet it unleashed some pretty powerful malware.  First time in
all my computing days that's happened.  So after reinstalling my XP,
since nothing could be installed after that, this got me to finally
doing more and stepping up the processes.  I now have not just 2 apps
but 5 that I'm using to scan things.  I know, I know, malware may
still get through of course, but in 8 years nothing had till that
clever bit of malware.  That's the risk of using the net, eh.  But
having some sort of program to facilitate things will speed things up
and will make things easier.  thx

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