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My pc is slow or as I type it goes inactive. Skips letters letters as I
type, I hit a key and nothing happens. I have run three virus checkers, with
supposed updates and can't find virus's also use yahoo anti spy all the

Question: how do I find what is slowing down my pc?


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First try a different keyboard and see if it isn't just that.


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 Check for spyware. Run Ad-aware or something similar

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On Thu, 7 Jul 2005 08:06:22 +0100, "searcher"
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If you're using Microsoft Word and type at more than 80 words per minute, your
fingers may
be out-running the keyboard. I use an MS-DOS word processor for this very reason.

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Piedmont wrote:

"  Skips letters letters as I type...  "

It's adding words words, by the looks of it.

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On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Piedmont wrote:

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This is a long shot but it was the cause of similar keyboard
problems for a member on my computer club....

If you press and hold down a key, how fast does it repeat?
If you can get all of the keys to work by typing slower (*much*
slower, such as one or two seconds per keypress) and the keyboard
repeat rate is also very slow when a key is held down, then there
is a chance that someone turned on the "FilterKeys" option
in your accessibility settings.  (It is designed to ignore
brief keystrokes so someone with cerebral palsy or some similar
disability can still type even if their fingers accidentally
bump the wrong keys on the way to the right ones.)

1. Click "Start" > "Settings" > "Accessibility Options"
2. Uncheck the "FilterKeys" option if it's turned on.

(If "FilterKeys" isn't turned on, then my long shot didn't pay off.)

Windows is *not* a "Toy OS".  A screenshot of my desktop:

Re: Slow Pc

Piedmont wrote:
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Don't have specific answer but have questions.
Does this keyboard problem happen "all the time"? Did it just start happening or
did it start gradually? Does your mouse skip around on the monitor. Is your hard
drive active constantly. Do you loose time in the Windows clock (system tray)
which is reset when you restart the computer? If any of these is YES than
something is running in the background using up your CPU clock cycles. Could be
spyware or could be that you have too much running. Try "stopping" various
programs that are running in the system tray and see if keyboard problem
lessens. Boot to SAFE mode and see what happens.

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On that special day, DanR, ( said...

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Uh, yes, is the keyboard a wireless one, and how good are the

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