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I realize this isn't really a virus question but it's a close cousin.
Years ago I was plagued by email attacks and installed mailwasher and
took out a hotmail account and remained attack free for years.
A while back, this account started receiving the normal spam nonsense. I
monitor 3 hotmail accounts and only my personal account is affected. My
verizon account is also free of attacks.
I don't know for sure what started all this but nothing seems to stop
it. But the more curious question is most of these posts are so lame I
can't believe any one with sufficient smarts to throw the power switch
on their computer would be dumb enough to respond. Well that's it, I
feel better now.
Dave Cohen

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Newsflash: People (and a surprisingly high number of them) really are
that stupid.

Re: Slightly Off Topic

Dave Cohen wrote:
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Your main address was harvested when you used it to register some
product and/or for access to some website and/or for membership in some
forum. Or else it was generated by running variations on existing
addresses (ever notice that when a mail service offers you an address,
it's an obvious adaptation of your name?)

Anyhow, once the address is known to be good (ie, spam didn't bounce),
the spamster who found it sold it to other spamsters. So unless you
cancel that account and start up a new one, you'll continue to get spam.
  With Hotmail, you can set the anti-spam filter on their web portal. If
yous et it to medium, it will catch a lot of the crap that is getting
through, but you should check the spam-folder every 3 days or so in case
some legitimate nail was filtered out.

Good Luck.

wolf k.

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