Should I be concerned about right click - Open with "Dummy"?

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I was going to edit my HOSTS file with Notepad, so when I right clicked on
the HOSTS file to select "open with", while scanning down the list of
available programs, I see "Dummy".   Now I know that can either mean a PWS
Trojan, Cydoor, or Spybot's various method's of fooling a possible Dummy

When doing a file search for Dummy, I came up with references in the VLC AV
program and several files in the Spybot/Dummies subdirectory.

Using Regseeker to search the registry for "Dummy", I also see plenty of
references to "Dummy" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet
\Services.    There's also a program called blindman.exe listed in the
registry with a friendlycache value of "dummy".    Apparently, that's a
Spybot program as explained here:

Has anyone else seen the "dummy" reference when they right click and choose
"open with" in Windows Explorer"?

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