Short, irritateing port scans

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Latest days I have recieved some short (1sec.) port scanns.

What can  be the purpouse of these, besides just being irritateing  ???

Can such short scanns be of any trouble?

I have what I bealieve is one of the best soft firewalls. Is it possible to
rais security without a hardware firewall?

Morgan O.

Re: Short, irritateing port scans

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Looking for vulnerable machines on the Internet.
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If your machine and a compormise the scan was looking for that could come
right through the PW, it could be trouble. If you don't have that, then it's
no trouble. However, the O/S and the PFW solution does use the machine's
resouces to stop it and your machine could be doing other things for you
instead of that.
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If you're using Win 2k or  XP you can use IPsec to supplement the personal
FW/packet filter.

On the other hand, I don't trust anything that runs with the O/S that can be
attacked like the O/S can be attacked,  taken down, circumvented or defeated
as a first line of defense.

A $20 NAT router is a good first line of defense and sits in front of the
machine and fends off scans, attacks and background noise that never reach
the machine where the O/S and PFW solution have to deal with it.

Duane :).

Duane :)

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