Security level for amateurs & CMD

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I'm trying to keep a high security level. Active Security Monitor gives my
PC a rating close to 100. Yes, i have a history that told that I need to.

One of the most difficult parts is to keep track on all "strange OS-stuff"
and alike that keeps contacting the web. It's also tiering to try to
understand why a certain application need several ports to get out...

Now I just made a simple copy of a organisation adress (who I must write to)
from the web and put it into OOo writer. Emideately OOo starts to
communicate out...and I have basicly no possibility what so ever to know
what is nesessary and what may be "non basic" comunication that I can cut.

This is only one of many applications that on a regular basis tries to get
out without explanation. For me as an amateur it's more or less impossible
to know wich is legitimate and wich is not.

Perhaps You have the same experience?

By the way...
A couple of days back Antivir doesn't update as it should. Update gets
blocked, update resets without updating and I get a "HTTP cmd.exe alert".

What to do?

Morgan O.

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