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Computer Adware is a pain; it will clog up your computer with useless
information to you. What exactly is Adware? Well it’s and advertising
software, it will automatically play, display, or even
download advertisements
to the computer after you have installed the
software the adware was bundled to.
In fact there are some adware that
are really spyware, these types of software’s
are considered
privacy-invasive software.To keep away adware from your system
then just
log to  i.e

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Re: search-and-destroy


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If you want the real Spybot Search & Destroy, go to the authors site,
and select the download link.

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Re: search-and-destroy

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A good HOSTS file should have it blocked!

Re: search-and-destroy

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I'd rather not. I have to add defs for your crummy program every single
day. If you were even partially legit, you wouldn't need to morph your
10meg installer on a daily basis.

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