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Re: Scanning XP computer over the local network

OK back here to try and respond to your original question!
My understanding of your scenario is this.....
You have two machines -
A) running Windows XP Home
B) running Windows 95B, with Norton 2001
...and you're trying to force Win95 to scan the XP machine across a network

I have to ask the question - why not install a proper scanner on the XP
machine, which would solve all your problems? There are a number of free
scanners available, if the budget is zero (and this is a personal-use

If it's to try and eliminate the possibility of a live infection masking
detection, I can't help thinking that your Win95-compliant scanner is likely
to miss things on the XP machine, whether the shares are available or not.

You can share those folders - by using the NET SHARE command in a Command
format is
net share sharename=drive:path
(for paths with spaces, enclose the entire drive:path in double-quotes)

Noel Paton (MS-MVP 2002-2006, Windows)

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Re: Scanning XP computer over the local network

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Simply put, I never install anything on any Windows machine
unless circumstances absolutely compel it. ;)

I'm considering this approach; I *had* thought I was scanning
the XP machine correctly (and very conveniently, since I can
initiate the scan remotely), and it's nice having one scanner
for both machines, but since this has proved to be false
I'll have to look at alternatives.


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