Risks of unblocking Chinese website on my firewall

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Hi you will find I am semi-computer illiterate but bear with me, so here

I donwloaded PPLive from a Chinese web site as it enables me to watch sports
TV live on the internet (sometimes Windows Media Player kicks in, sometimes
Realplayer 10).

Subtitles are in Chinese - no local adult education classes on that where I
live - but sometimes the commentary e.g. for european soccer matches is in

Don't know what 'streaming' technology they use, it does buffer initially
but then seems like a live, permanent feed of data, I googled it and some
say that rules out 'Bittorrent' as that only downloads chunks of data.

I have two questions

I had to unblock PPLive on my windows firewall (which I know is crap anyway,
especially with regard to monitoring outgoing traffic) so now I am wondering
does this leave my PC open to HDD being scanned by Chinese IT students, my
emails being read etc?

Also it states somewhere that they use every PC who uses them to also
rebroadcast the data it receives, no idea how this is meant to work.  This
may be a bit OT for an anivirus NG but could this implicate me in illegal
activities?  What if I watch something that is pay-per-view on my local
cable channels and/or Skye.


Re: Risks of unblocking Chinese website on my firewall

Probably should have said, I do run an up-to-date version of McAfee
antivirus, but virus infection is not my main worry here.

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Re: Risks of unblocking Chinese website on my firewall

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You can look for yourself from time to time with the tools in the link as
things can be circumvented and defeated such as AV's, malware detection
applications and personal FW(s).

Long version


Short version


Duane :)

Re: Risks of unblocking Chinese website on my firewall

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The rest of it I don't know about, but I kind of doubt it. However you
can watch outbound connection with something like Active Ports (free) and
you can also put a short-cut for AP in the Start folder too and watch
inbound and outbound connections at boot and after the boot by launching
AP at anytime.

You can also supplement the XP FW with IPsec that can stop inbound or
outbound traffic, by port, protocol or IP to/from the machine.


You can implement the AnalogX Secpol file and look at the rules that have
been created and learn and go from there and implement your on rules.


Ipsec is very powerful and will supplement the XP FW.


You should try to secure the XP O/S for a machine that has a direct
connection to the Internet.


You should secure services and shutdown services that are not needed like
the File and Print Sharing service as you should not be sharing resources
and others such services.


Duane :)


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