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I need a free anti-virus program to work with my beloved WinMe, and
Rising Anti-virus Free and Avast seem to be the only ones around.
Avast stops support for WinMe at the end of this year, leaving Rising
as my best bet. Anyone with experience with Rising Free? Good? Bad?

Re: Rising Anti-virus Free query

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Never heard of "Rising Free".....and my also beloved WinME is sitting
behind me and it still works.  There is a Microsoft news group for WinME
General and that is where you will get the definitive answer.

I use Avast on this XP and am happy with it.  If you stay with an older
version such as you have, you should be OK.  Or you could buy a
router.......mine sits unused behind this monitor, grin.

Check out a website called "oldversion.com"  I used it a lot with WinME.

Cheers....Heather (Ontario)

Re: Rising Anti-virus Free query

hdoherty@ns.sympatico.ca wrote:
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Can't tell, I don't use ME. But I don't think it will make much
difference, since new malware doesn't target ME, and your old AV program
should be adequate protection if its definitions are current.

But I do advise you to buy a new machine with Win 7 on it, when it's
available (sometime around September, according to the usual unreliable
rumours.) I know that's not what you asked for, but there comes a time
when you have to update. I've been through worse than you, I had to give
iup OS/2 (which as it happens is at the core of WinNT/XP/Vista?...)

Not that you should ditch the ME machine - it will still be excellent
for word processing, picture viewing, etc. Most households do need two
(or more) machines, but they don't all have to have 'net capability.


wolf k.

Re: Rising Anti-virus Free query

On 04/09/2009 08:42 PM, hdoherty@ns.sympatico.ca sent:
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I agree with the other posters while I'll add that a used computer,
pre-loaded with legal OS/application software may be another alternative.

Attached is a report from SRI showing the relative ranking of Rising.

Rising receives next to no mention in these newsgroups while Avast is
mentioned/used/preferred by many.



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