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for my boss I need to test the difference between Trend Micro & McAfee (our
SOHO customers use mostly personal versions). Now I would like to use a
standalone XP Pro and infect it with viruses. After that I clone the disk
and I install on each image either Trend of McAfee and see which one finds
the most. The problem is I don't know where I can find viruses :-)

Is it possible for someone to give me a link to a zip file full of viruses?
Our provider's mailserver blocks all virusses.



Re: request for virusses

David wrote:
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No-one is going to put a comprehensive catalog of viruses, which would
be the result of months of work by expensively-paid people, on the
Internet for any fool to download. Or even for people claiming to be
highly experienced technical support professionals to download.

Get your boss to pay for a subscription to Virus Bulletin instead. /

How to test your anti-virus software.

Julian Moss
Tech-Pro Limited

Re: request for virusses

Julian wrote:
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McAfee (our
Quoted text here. Click to load it
use a
the disk
one finds
Quoted text here. Click to load it

That seems like a large waste of money to hear personal biased opinions
from the so called "Experts" in the antivirus community. I've viewed
several pdf versions of virus bulletin, and I just can't see the value
of a subscription to the publication. Everything offered in it, can be
found by cruising around on the vendors websites. As for personal bias,
We can always read the opinions of antivirus and their hate for virus
writers here. No need again, for a subscription to read drivel by the
likes of Graham Cluley.

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