"Reptile" server?

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Does anyone know what the server described in Russian at:


is? I think it's some sort of trojan. It looks a bit like an SMTP
server but, as in the description on the Rooski web site, I can't get
the one I'm investigating to take commands.

The one I'm investigating is at and it came to my
attention because I was spammed through it.

It's also listening at 21286. I think there has to be an SMTP server
or some sort of proxy somewhere.

Re: "Reptile" server?


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I found a new reptile server,

Re: "Reptile" server?

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005, Joel Rubin wrote:

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Reptile is a web server written in Python.

"SourceForge.net: Project Info - Reptile Web Server"

Connections were very slow when I checked (8 minutes to fetch 3KB of a
Google search page with the final rendered page obviously incomplete
with only a couple of links, the latter truncated in mid-description).
(I suspect a DDoS attack against my ISP's ISP or something similar.)
I was able to get a faster (but still sluggish and requiring three
reloads) response with AltaVista:

AltaVista Search: reptile "web server"

I found two mentions of vulnerabilities affecting the Reptile Server:

BoWare IT Services - Homepage ["Reptile Server", See vulnerability 6.]
    http://boware.nl/secfocusartikel/?subject=security&amp ;id=144

Reptile Web Server Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerability

This page was also slow to load (10 minutes for 23KB of 52KB was the most
I got from several attempts to load the page -- most attempts froze at the
2KB or 3KB mark) but Reptile Server is also mentioned here:

infoAnarchy || CodeCon: Day 3 ["Reptile Server]

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