Removing keyloggers??

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I ran a program today that found lots of stuff, but wanted $30 for the
program to remove them. The program is XoftSpy and it says I have, in
addition to numerous other things, two Supreme Spy keyloggers and also
four Windective keyloggers. Is there a way of checking to see if I
really have these and if so, some way of getting rid of them without
spending a lot of money? First I want to make sure I have them and
hope that I do not.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Removing keyloggers?? says...
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There are no guarantees in this world but I'd bet good money that
XoftSpy is a fraud. I use the programs below and all are free. They are
generally well respected and reliable. None are foolproof.

Spybot Search & Destroy /

Adaware /

Superantispyware /

A Squared Free /

XoftSpy has a very checkered history.

QUOTE from

Note on XoftSpy:  XoftSpy was listed on this page because of concerns
with false positives (1, 2, 3, 4), questionable license terms, and the
use of aggressive, deceptive advertising (1, 2), including exploitation
of the name "spybot" by affiliates. Earlier versions of XoftSpy were
also Ad-aware knockoffs. (There was clone  of XoftSpy named SpyBurn,
but that application is no longer available.)

Over the past few months, XoftSpy has taken aggressive steps to reign
in its affiliates (who were primarily responsible for the unsavory
advertising), revised its license text, and released a new version of
XoftSpy (version 4.0) that addresses our concerns with false positves.
Given these changes we can no longer regard XoftSpy as "rogue/suspect"


(Note: other domains associated with XoftSpy include: adware-,,, adware-real-,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [A: 6-26-04 / U:


Many rogues turn over a new leaf but would you really trust such a
program? I sincerely doubt it.

James E. Morrow
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Re: Removing keyloggers??

On Sat, 25 Nov 2006 20:00:17 -0500, FERRANTE

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You also have 12 viruses and 62 spywares on your drive.  I just
checked.  Send me $30 plus $99.95 S+H and I will send you a
personalized email telling you where to go.

I only accept Paypal and Spaypal (paypal for spammers).

SpamPro - World leader in Spam distribution

Of course you could use a reliable virus checker instead of some
spammers site intended to rob you......

Re: Removing keyloggers??

Granted, you guys know more than I do about these things, that is why
I posted my question in here. Here is what I do have and run

Nod32 (AV) (always on)    
Webroot Spy Sweeper (always on)
Adaware SE Personal (once weekly)
Spybot (one weekly)
WinPatrol (always on)
CCleaner (two or three times a week)
Cleanup (two or three times a week)
Evidence Eliminator (One or twice a week)
Ewido Anti-spyware (once a week)
and last night added two programs:
I Have Keyloggers
Keylogger Hunter (both on always and will not allow
keystokes to be copied, sent, whatever, just zero's)
I also have broadband and have a wireless router as well as the XP
firewall turned on.

I may be over doing it, but I do a lot of buying with Paypal and a lot
of online banking, so I am paranoid to some degree. Also, would any of
the programs above pick up keyloggers? The two I installed last night
say that they cannot detect them, but they can stop any that might be
on the machine from working properly.

Your thoughts>

Re: Removing keyloggers?? says...


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These are excellent choices.

"Evidence Eliminator (One or twice a week)"

A program famous for questionable marketing. Whether it works or not I
don't know.
James E. Morrow
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