Realtime Antivirus - Speed comparisons.

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Situation is this;  I have a server with many tens of thousands of .JPG
files on it.  I am running eTrust antivirus 7.0 on the server and
workstation.  When I use ACDSEE to view the .JPG's, it can only
thumbnail 2 of them per second.

If I disable Inoculan on my local machine, it jumps to about 50 a
second.  If I disable Inoculan on my machine and the server, it can
thumnail about 100 per second.

I can't disable .JPG scanning since there are JPG viruses now (thanks

So the question is this;  What antivirus software would give me the
best performance in a situation like this?

Bare in mind I don't want to spend $10,000 for a single server license
of McAfee each year.  CA costs about $20 (period) for a Windows Server
license including un-expiring pattern updates (for now.)



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