Reading the Symantec expliot numbers

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I'll start by example: Please take a look at
and click any of the threats in the left column.

All the exploits I clicked have the same numbers, 0-49 infections and 0-2

Clicking the 'infections' brings up a glossary that says,

Number of infections: Measures the number of computers known to be infected.
Number of sites: Measures the number of locations with infected computers.
This normally refers to organizations, such as companies, government offices,
and so on.

Okay, so it seems clearly defined, yet the numbers for the infections seem
awfully low and it's odd they are the same.  Is Symantec *really* saying, "we
know of somewhere between 0 and 49 computers out there that have this
threat"?   This would make Symantec's feedback or knowledge of the wild
rather limited.

Or maybe, "we think between none and 49 per cent of all Windows computers
have this." This is a pretty darned broad range, with zero being way to low
and 49 too high.

Is there some hidden legend to these numbers?

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