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| Correct. belongs to NETNITCO who provides my internet
| connection. is what shows up on ipconfig.exe so I assume that's
| a connection to their router or server ??  I'm not familiar with the
| hardware or how the connection works but I know there's a closet in each
| apartment building with equipment to connect each of the 8 apartments in
| that building.  I believe there's also an equipment room in the main office
| that connects the 30 or so buildings in the complex to the line(s) NETNITCO
| provides.  I said dynamic IP because the TCP/IP properties for my connection
| has "Obtain an IP address automatically" checked rather than "Use the
| following IP address ..."  Perhaps that was an incorrect use of the term
| "Dynamic IP address" on my part.  In the mean time, Zone Alarm is still
| continuing to block svchost.exe from accepting connections from
| this morning, ports 1674 to 1949 over just the past 50 minutes.

Just like a store with a window who have "window shoppers", just ignore it.

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