Re: Virus that reverts virus defs.

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Good idea, as there are several viruses circulating right now that  
specifically target Synmantec's security products.  Another very pertinent  
suggestion is to stop using Internet Explorer.  Since the virus seems to  
kick your wife out of her browser, it would be interesting to see if that  
would happen using Firefox with NoScript enabled and no ActiveX.  IE is a  
malware magnet.  Switching to Firefox or Opera is a much safer  
alternative.  Also, the following page at Castlecops has a list of free  
online virus scanners, which might be an option if the virus keeps  
security apps from being installed: .  Also, I would  
high recommend your "Add/Remove" programs in Control Panel to see if there  
is any other AV installed.  That in itself can cause major problems with  
your system.  Most AV software don't even allow an additional on-demand  
scanner, much less another one running resident. Anyway, good luck in  
getting rid of the malware.

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