Re: Virus blocking fix on XP?

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| Here is what happened:

| Hard Drive Regenerator made the drive accessible.
| Smitfraud fix made it possible to install programs.
| SuperAntiVirus found 128 Viruses, Downloaders, and Malware files.
| Ten were Trojan Horses with four in memory. Ran again it found
| 28 more.
| Malwarebytes found 40 more files.
| After a reboot, scandisk said the drive was dirty and ran three
| scans which repaired an error.
| SuperAntivirus found 22 more malware files.
| There are still two files under each user containing 2.93 gig of
| junk files that I'm having trouble deleting.

| I told him to get what he wanted off it and wipe the hard drive clean.

If you had Cross-Posted this in the first place, you would NOT have had to
repeat this.

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Re: Virus blocking fix on XP?

You worry too much. Take a long vacation...

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