Re: Stupid Illinois Small Business Moves to AVG

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Leythos scritte:
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Of course this is my experience also. From many hundred of systems
I have investigated it is mostly AVG letting them down. Pay AVG is
frankly a very poor choice. Even free I will not sing for its praise. So
many choices are so much better in every way.

Re: Stupid Illinois Small Business Moves to AVG

This is frankly rubbish! AVG may not be the best in the world, but it has
protected me very well for the last six or seven years and also all my
clients. Obviously, you get what you pay for in this world, but as a free
av prog goes, Grisoft does a good job. I am testing Avira on my laptop at
the moment, and after a month or so, that too seems fine.

Yours Quilly, /

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Re: Stupid Illinois Small Business Moves to AVG

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It's not rubbish, it's actual, realworld experience in some of the
harshest environments you can imagine - there has never been a worse
environment than a Sorority for malware.

Most residents systems come in pre-infected, even after wiping and
rebuilding them, since most houses won't install a proper firewall, the
machines using AVG are re-infected at 8 times the rate of any other. In
all the years of doing this, the only machines I've seen not get
infected were MAC's, a Limited User system with Symantec Corp Ed, and
another system running CA that was also a limited user system - in the
case of limited users, the parents setup the computer and the resident
didn't have the password for the administrator account.

So, like it or not, AVG is marginal at protection, most other products
in the top 5 are significantly better.

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