Re: Should I be suspicious of this?

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a lot of times, malware writers will attack in a couple of ways.  on
the website itself, it may have a message that you'll need to
download something (codec) in order to view the videos.  ALWAYS
BEWARE OF THIS.  this is very common and although people know of
these techniques, they still fall for it.

additionally, they can also see where you were referred from (the
website that got you to this adult site).  if the referrer is a
search engine, you could be infected without you even knowing.  
these are much more dangerous because you don't see anything
happening, just all of a sudden infected.

i agree, install noscript and maybe adblocker for firefox and you
should be able to browse at your hearts content and it will block
these attacks for you.

btw, advertisements can also serve malware which is why i suggest

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