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I just went thru that myself. I have a 4 PC, 1 network printer home
network with a W2K server as a file server / domain controller - I was
taking MCSE classes and had some spare PC's. It's hard to find
affordable anti virus programs for servers. They want to sell you
corporate software when you mention a server and that stuff don't come

The only free antivirus I found that would install and run on a server
was Bitdefender Free 7.2. However, from what I could determine from
the Bitdefender website, it is a scanner only and does not provide
real-time protection.

Several of the eval copies installed and ran on my server even though
the website said they were not supported on servers. Ones I found that
were affordable (under $40 as advertised on the product's website) and
would install and run on my W2K server are:
AVG 7.0 Pro
Bit Defender 8 Std
F-Secure 2005
NOD 2.0

One worth mentioning is AVG 7.0 File Server Edition ($70 for 2
licenses for 2 years - not too bad even if it is made for servers)

Some that did NOT install and run on my server are:
Avast Home (free)
Avast Pro
AVG Free Edition

I know the list is by no means exhaustive. I quit downloading evals
when I decided on the one I would use. Whichever one you use, download
an eval copy first just to make sure.
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