Re: Removal of RisinG / sds2d21.exe / sdsxd.exe

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Hey man, I need help deleting this virus !

My computer got infected when I used the USB of my mom. Now I keep
getting windows errors about the program sds2d201.exe every 5 mins, my
antivirus is MCafee and it marks the file sdsxd.exe as a generic, trojan

I tried the stuff about Block system recovery, start windows on safe
mode and scan my computer, (wasted 8 hours of my pc light because the
virus reapeared after 10 mins of starting windows normaly).
I found a prefetch file with the same name of the virus file, deleted it too but it reapered too .

I dont know what to do, Im getting tired of this "windows error" every
5 mins xD.
Plus I found something, when I analized the file sds2d21.exe the scan
never ends, it says that he is analizying the file #1 , and after 1 min
it says it is analyzing the file #1000, so the virus is getting bigger
and bigger everytime!

Srry for my english, I tried my best writing here, please somebody help
me (Im mexican so if u could help me on spanish would be even GREAT)

I didnt make the step of the registry so if anyone can help me with
that, maybe I can delete this virus! please help me :( most annoying
virus I have ever seen !! :(

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