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Hi 4Q.

For reasons I don't wish to disclose to you at this time, BugHunter does
not currently have any built in code to talk over the internet. I
appreciate the fact you find the solution okay. I obviously cannot take
credit for any aspect of it, as Luis Augusto did it.

You will never be able to make good on that trojan claim, ever. :) Each
time you claim it's a trojan or that it's going to become one, you make
more people interested in it. More people download and apparently like
the program based on the number of emails I'm getting. *grin*. While this
is occuring, your proving what I said you were years ago, a trolling
fucking moron. *hehehe*

Keep up the excellent work!
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Yep, although my site continues to maintain 1st place, and likely will
continue to do so as more sites pickup my program and begin hosting it.

I've apparently annoyed you to the point where I have full props right on
your main site, no further need to click thru pointless links of extra
BS. <g>

It's perfectly okay with me for your site to be in existance, I can
freely reference it and point out the various ways in which your program
and mine are not the same. Yours is poorly written and very inefficent,
as I've commented previously.

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top 20? That's pathetic, various review sites maintain higher page ranks
than yourself; and you can't get my pagerank, 1st place *hahaha*
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You know, the tribute/satire thing will only protect you so far. It's a
fine line between that and having to explain yourself in a courtroom.
Despite what you might like to believe, you are at this point treading in
potentially real life harming terroritory. And nobody, including you, is
really entirely anonymous on the net.

I don't mind games 4q, and i'm not threatening you in any way at this
point, I'm just letting you know, I'm staying withen the confines of the
law for a specific reason. To clue you in, Yes, At some point, I will
take legal action against you, not really to defend BugHunter, but to
make an example of you. The more you help me make my future case, the
happier I am. You seem to think you can just write this or that claim on
reputable software and recieve no fallout from intentionally misleading
people. You won't be able to remain anonymous forever, as with pcbutts,
someone will tire of your games, and leak the information required to
contact you for a discussion with a legal department.

Your trolling friends whom you have full support of, should have atleast
emailed you of this risk your posing yourself. The statute of limitations
is up for my previous crimes, kiddo. Your making bogus claims in an
effort to discredit a legimitate program, don't make the mistake of
assuming your safe forever. While you are in fact based in the uk, Your
not beyond the reach of legal resolution to our problem.

Dustin Cook
Author of BugHunter - MalWare Removal Tool - v2.2c

Re: Ping --> Lord of Shit aka 4Q

After much thought,4Q aka Lord of Shit came up with this jewel:

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pot calling kettle

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