Re: NOD32 updates?

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It is not pretty much nonsense at all. English is not my first language,
and sometimes I make the incorrect assumption that a native English
speaker will understand it better than he actually can. My apologies
for overestimating your intelligence.

Replace "kill the program" with "kill the licence", install NOD32 on
your 2 computers, and discover I was right the hard way. Then ram
your pedantry up your arsehole, you arrogant prick.

Re: NOD32 updates?

George Orwell - 04.01.2006 02:23 :

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[fullquoting snipped]

George, BUT it is not a good idea posting (and fullquoted, snipped) the
same message twice within one hour - first under your name "Anonymous"
and a second under your name "George Orwell". BTW: Whichone is your
"real" name?

Please learn to post and to quote. THX.

(as well, English is not my first language too)

by(e) PS
spam will be killed

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