Re: New one on the market (BlueMountain Card hook)

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Why the heck did you open it and then click and give permission for
the executable to download and run?

It's a keylogger, password and other information stealer. There are
two main components, cftmon.exe and mshyta16.dll, which are started
from these registry keys:

DllName - [windows]\System32\mshyta16.dll

cftmon  - [windows]\System32\cftmon.exe

Delete the "__A" key (and all the values under it) and remove the
"cftmon" value from the "Run" key. Delete the two files cftmon.exe and
mshyta16.dll from the [windows]\System32 directory.

There will also be some related files in [windows]\System32. Look for
mshntfy16.dat, mshddtrack16.dat, mshdtxt32.dat, possibly GbpSv.exe and
a subdirectory named msconfig32 containing more directories and files.

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