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Having MSAS default to resetting the home page to about:blank would
alleviate the wailings of anti-Microsoft zealots using a Microsoft
operating system and a Microsoft web browser while using a Microsoft
anti-spyware utility who feel Microsoft shouldn't be pushing Microsoft
web pages, but that would still be an OPTION which, according to Kurt,
these dumb users won't be using, anyway!  Oh wait, it already is an
option (Advanced Tools -> Browser Restore, set the home page to whatever
you want).  If the user is too dumb to configure the options to define
the values for a browser restore then they are too dumb to configure an
option regarding prompting on each setting change and will be too dumb
to know how to answer the prompts.  If they are too lazy to configure
the options then they are too lazy to analyze each prompt and will
instead just keep clicking Yes or OK which obviates the whole point of
restoring the browser to a known and benign state.

As for setting the search page to about:blank, that would be even worse.
There is no Address Bar for the search pane in IE so the user doesn't
get to see the URL for the search engine.  That means the user won't
know the search page being displayed was about:blank but instead will
figure it isn't working anymore and bitch that MSAS broke their search
function in IE.  These same dumb users don't know how to configure their
search options because, well, those are options, too, and remember that
these dumb users aren't configuring their options.  The blank home page
would trigger lots of newbie users in calling tech support as to why IE
doesn't connect anymore.  A blank search pane would definitely generate
even more calls to tech support that MSAS broke the search function.

I truly hope Microsoft doesn't dumb down its UI to accommodate the 10%
of idiots that result in 90% of the tech calls and make the other 90% of
us suffer in their idiocy.  Ever gone to a lunch buffet and while
sitting the table some joker wants you to recount all the items
available in the buffet because they are too lazy to go look for
themself?   How many more dumb users are going to repeatedly ask the
same question on how to stop Outlook Express from blocking attachments?
IT'S AN OPTION.  Use it!  Besides reading the included help or manual,
much of what a product does can be gleaned by reviewing all the
available configuration options.

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