Re: KAV 6.0--No "Helkern Network attacks"??

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optikl wrote:
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So I guess that means I should go back to Zone Alarm (which is what
I had before I switched to KAV) or some other firewall.  :|


Re: KAV 6.0--No "Helkern Network attacks"??

Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer wrote:

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The squealing pig (Helkern and other network attacks) came from the
IDS module installed with KAV 5. You can still have protection against
network attacks with the PDM and Web AV modules installed with KAV 6,
without installing KAH. The reason that many people don't hear it
anymore is that with KAV 6 the sound is disabled by default, unlike
KAV 5. The two links that I posted offer instructions for enabling KAV
6 sounds.

Some have reported conflicts with ZAP and KAV 6, but IIUC, most of
those have been resolved. IIRC, this had something to do with a
problem introduced into ZAP at the same time that KIS/KAV 6 was
released, and ZA has since resolved this. Most (not all) people have
been able to use the firewall of their choice with KAV 6. And many
people, particularly those using a router, just use the WinXP firewall.

I am currently using the Sunbelt-Kerio PFW (Pro Version 4.3) with KAV
6 (all modules installed including PDM). They work well together.
Sunbelt also offers this in a free version.

   ( )

I have also sucessfully installed and used the Jetico Personal
Firewall (free for personal use, read the EULA) with both KAV 5 and 6.

   ( )

Ron :)

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