Re: Kaspersky fucks up AGAIN!

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George Orwell wrote:
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FWIW, I've been wondering about a problem with chkdsk for a long time now
(chkdsk takes forever whenever it enters phase 2, sometimes ending with an
error message saying it couldn't complete the disk check) and it does seem
to have started at around the time I bought Kaspersky.

I also seem to have problem involving the file system integrity. While I am
not experiencing any particular problems using my PC on a daily basis,
there's something strange I haven't been able to figure out.

I am using O&O Defrag which has its own diskcheck feature. Now, whenever I
use it to check the drives, it comes up with errors. Then, at the very next
(re)boot Windows starts checking file integrity. After that, everything seem
to work fine again.

Now, I tend to have a ton of other apps installed at any given time, so I
cannot say for certain what is wrong. Is it Kaspersky? Is it some conflict
with another app? I don't know.

Re: Kaspersky fucks up AGAIN!

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