re-installing SystemWorks 2003

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Just got a computer in with SystemWorks 2003 installed on it. The antivirus
function wont work and trying to invoke it gives out error messages telling
you that this in an internal error to NAV.  It sends you through paroxysms
to fix it through the Symantec site, some of which involve enabling activeX
and Java, which (however dangerously and when you do do so) then give you
the same internal NAV error message with a different error number with the
similar runaround.

Ultimately after a number of wild goose chases, they tell you to uninstall
and reinstall Norton antivirus (which on this computer had expired and I was
updating manually)

I do have a SystemWorks 2003 install disc so in theory I can do this but the
last time I tried, it simply wouldn't install NAV however I tried to do it.

Does anyone know why NAV would be apparently uninstallable and whether this
isn't just a stunt by a highly disreputable anti-virus company to get you to
buy a new version of their support-less product?

I'd like to fix this product if at all possible or reinstall it if possible
but am tempted to simply delete it and install AVG.  LiveUpdate runs but
simply downloads 21 catalogues so quickly that you get the impression it
isn't actually doing anything.

Re: re-installing SystemWorks 2003

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I tried to uninstall NAV from a customer's computer with SystemWorks 2003
last week and could not find a way to uninstall NAV on its own.

Remove everything and purchase Eset's NOD32 /
You will be better protected, won't have to constantly battle "BUY THE NEW
VERSION FOR A DISCOUNT!" every year and the system will probably run
faster. Every replacement I've done has.


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Re: re-installing SystemWorks 2003

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled NSWSystemworksPro 2003 several times.
Symantec has the step by step manual uninstall directions, if worse comes to
Use Add-Remove and then their special  .exe file to finish it up. Fairly
If this doesn't do it, then try the manual uninstall (takes around 1/2 hour).
When uninstalling NSW, uninstall ALL of it, not just the Anti-virus part.

Re: re-installing SystemWorks 2003

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Having uninstalled it on other computers and reinstalled it numerous times,
I did discover that this program wont reinstall at all on my present
computer. It just gives error codes on virtually every feature. So I decided
(long ago) that Symantec wasn't worth the bother.  I uninstalled NAV
(initially using rnav2003.exe) NSW and liveupdate and livereg and some other
updating product it had put in my add/remove programs folder and have now
installed AVG.  I wonder how much gunk I have to get rid of in my registry
that the uninstalls didn't uninstall? Is there a REAL registry cleaner which
will do any of this for me? Or is it a matter of running regedit and doing a
FIND on everything which says Symantec or NAV or Norton and deleting it?

Re: re-installing SystemWorks 2003

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FWIW - Try this utility, it works.

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