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I called my friend and tried to set a time to go over and fix his
computer. Nothing was good for him and he acted like he was doing me a

I talked to someone who fixes computers and said he would fix it for
$45. I gave my friend his number and it is now out of my hands.

Ever try and help someone and got yourself in a big mess and wished
you had not gotten involved? I have many times and yet I never seem to

Anyway, thank each and every one who has offered help. I am sorry it
was for nothing.


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Been there, done that. I'm such a helpful guy. But people who don't
understand the tedious nature of the work involved or the importance of
the task can be a real pain. some of this has to do with the fact that
the work is free. That which is free has no value in the marketplace.
So we set ourselves up and get treated as if we are imposing on them.

James E. Morrow
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Re: Help with eliminating 360 virus!

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Another Question:::::::::::::My friend who used face book,,when opens
the page,,it prompts about 360 and asks to remove it,,can anyone help?

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