Re: Free AVG anti virus software

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I've used AVG for several years without hassle. The latest version was a
problem for a couple of months as getting signature updates took ages, that
problem seems to be over with.

(After having used  AVG for  some time  I was persuaded by newsgroups
posters that I should get a "real" avg program, namely Norton. This turned
out to be a disaster in that my computer kept crashing and would run so slow
I could take a nap watching the screen change. Worse than that, Norton did
not seem to have an advice/support that I could turn to.  I made lots of
inquiries on online newgroups regarding the problems I was getting,
including not being able to uninstall Norton.  Eventually, I posted the
Norton cd to Norton, with  photocopies of all my newsgroup correspondence
for them to see. I did give Norton my address, explaining how many time I'd
tried to approach them, and I suggested that their products were better of
in the bin. Needless to say, they did'nt reply.)

Now have you ever seen anyone post such a thourough complain about AVG (or
any of the well know antivirus software.

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