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Re: DNS Proxy

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I'm unsure how I or pooh was wrong concerning this thread... But, I'm
not so anal as to bicker over it. The time significance isn't that much
and likely never will be. Routing n all. :)

My only beef was the claim of symantec being faster. That's it. So as
far as I'm concerned, I'm cool with the thread.

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Re: DNS Proxy

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Well dang...I thought for sure Dustin would apologise for being wrong in
the other areas of the discussion.

I apologized only for the blue line thingy. That's the only part of the
discussion I messed up. When you run the custom list, it says it will
check about 5000 DNS servers and list the fastest 50. When it posted the
results, which go into an ini file, it also listed the speed. Symantec
was there with the fastest the top of the list as you saw
from my screenshot link. I assumed those were the fastest and the list
did list speeds indicating the fastest first. Apparently that is a
faulty assumption though that's weird to me. Anyway I've run it a few
times since and each time I get a different result, likely because of
factors like time of day and server loads etc.

However, the entire discussion was about the speed of electricity being
the dominant force and the closest server would be the fastest. This is
wrong and what I argued against...and yes, Dustin and Pooh were
wrong...but they will not admit it. The other factors at play perform a
major role in determining which is faster which is almost a ridiculous
discussion as the time differences are less than a quarter second in
most cases.

At any rate, that whole discussion is a side track, because the main
point is about filtering which Norton does about the best of the lot as
far as I can tell...better than Google because it uses both it's own and
Googles data. Better than OpenDNS because both Norton and Google have
access to much more data to glean from.

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