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it acts as a standalone antivirus product which is why you are
required to remove your previous antivirus product.

additionally, the cloud scanning allows all users of cloud antivirus
to gather information on good files and bad files.  instead of
responses through signature files, which sometimes takes 24-48 hours
from submission to release of signature, the cloud with all users
can usually get this done in 5 minutes.  so one sample could be
detected within 5 minutes.  

you can go to for a FAQ on the program as
well as a video to explain the cloud scanning in easier terms.  it
helped me.

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Re: cloud antivirus

On 05/11/2009 06:25 PM, sent:
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Thank you for the response.  Our recent experience with the antimalware
community has proved otherwise.  Using a very recent rogue MS
Antispyware 2009 installer file, only a precious few would dig deep
enough and in the first few days we had only achieved a 4/39 hit rate.
Only through continued resubmissions did that detection rate /begin/ to

In all cases of submission, what was already known was included so as to
achieve the most rapid cooperation & acceptance.

Now, only through repeat submissions, have we convinced 80% of the
antimalware industry of the file's threat.  Panda can /not/ state they
were an early adopter.  Three to six weeks is a much more realistic
estimation as to the length of the pipeline.  The non-acceptance is both
notable and an embarrassment.

Only if Panda worked closely and cooperatively with the entire industry
could they even hope to approach the numbers you /wish/ for.

All of this was an eyeopener.  Recent submissions of newer files are
rendering equivalent and painfully slow results.


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