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The same with automated returned messages saying an e-mail containing a
virus has received with the From address.

All the ones I get at my Hotmail account at the moment are filtered into
the Junk Mail folder by Microsoft's SmartScreen technology. When I empty
this folder, I am asked to confirm if the messages really are junk. So I
have to do a little extra work, if I want to be honest.

I think a lot of people at Hotmail just mark them as junk, without first
checking them out. After a while all messages, including legit messages
from these mail servers, that send these messages, automatically get
marked as junk.

Unfortunate for the poor customers at the sites that send out these
messages reporting e-mail virus. Hotmail is a very, very big e-mail

Re: Bouncing Seems to Work

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Axel Hammerschmidt wrote:

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At least one anti-virus company has a clue:

"Why (some) anti-virus companies are to blame for the recent e-mail flood."
"Yes, (some) antivirus companies are spammers."

On the other hand (or maybe tentacle in this case) McAfee's SpamKiller
is another abuse amplifier, not only reporting spam to the wrong place
and reporting replies to the bogus spam reports as allegedly more spam
but also forging MAILER-DAEMON at the user's ISP as the sender of fake
bounces to the (frequently forged when in spam) "From:" address in the
messages that it rightly or wrongly decides is spam needing reporting.

The MAILER-DAEMON forgery is enough to get a user's account terminated
at some ISPs.

This makes me wonder how good McAfee's anti-virus software could
possibly be.

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Re: Bouncing Seems to Work

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