Re: AVG "stuck in a spin" - Help Please

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Hi Reg

Thanks for your reply.  I have done what you suggested but the Server
settings are correct.   Unfortunately, AVG is still in a spin!

Since your reply I have again contacted my ISP and they said I had now
got 4 emails on their server for me, 2 of which looked like spam, the
other 2 OK.   They deleted the spam ones, but I still am having the same
problem - no emails downloading.

Please, can anyone point me in the right direction?   Thankyou.


Re: AVG "stuck in a spin" - Help Please

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Hi Jeni,

On Tue, 24 May 2005 00:17:32 +0100, you wrote:

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I'm not sure if I can come up with an answer for you, but if you can
answer a few of questions, perhaps someone here will be able to help.

Are you sure that your Norton AV's on-access scanner is completely

Is this problem with AVG something that just popped up out of the
blue after having no problems before?  Or is this a new installation
of AVG?

If the problem did just suddenly appear, can you remember if you had
installed any new software just before the appearance of the AVG
problem?  If it did just appear "out of the blue" after working
previously, did you try using System Restore to see if you could
restore to a point before any possible system corruption could have

Finally, I know that you've already gone into your email/AVG proxy
settings to see if there's a problem, but I've sometimes missed one
little thing here and there, and it isn't until I've gone back once
more to double-check every setting that I'll discover my mistake
(perhaps a slightly misspelled account password, etc.).

I'm sorry I couldn't be really helpful, but I don't have AVG installed
here, so I'm just grasping for straws! :-)

Good luck!

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