Re: AVG Free - constant nag screen?

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He might be asking about the "notification" window that appears below
AVG's main screen.  You can hide it but only after they nag you by
opening it when you load the main screen.  Alas, Grisoft has gone done
Avira's road in prodding their users with nags thus degenerating them
into lureware.  With Avira, you could use a software policy to bar their
avnotify.exe nag window from showing up and add a command-line switch to
get rid of their load-time banner.  I don't know of a hack yet to get
rid of AVG's notification banner in its main screen.  It has irritated
me enough that I'm trialing Avast in a virtual machine to see if I'll

Open AVG's main screen.  Look down at the bottom lefthand side of that
screen.  There is a button that will slide open a notification banner
window.  It is that banner window that sometimes appears automatically
opened when you open AVG's main screen.  I considered Avira to be rude
with their once-daily popup (avnotify.exe) during an update.  AVG's
banner shows up *several* times per day so they are even more rude.  I
don't like nagware even if it is free, especially when there are other
equal or better choices.

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